Target Market Analysis

My app ShopQuick would attract busy people who have better things to do than to spend time searching for items in the grocery store. This could include anyone from moms and dads to students, business men/women, and virtually anyone who hates spending time in the grocery store!


Product and Service Concept

My idea of ShopQuick, the app that helps you get in and out of the grocery store fast, is in it’s own niche. There are few apps that map out a direct route through the store to save you time. Therefore this app is an original idea that could make a large profit off of downloads.

Mentor Meeting #1

My first meeting was Tuesday, May 2. I met my mentor in B3 and we discussed my visions for the future, my marketing project, and we introduced ourselves to each other. I learned that she is a teacher, entrepreneur, and business owner.

Santa Barbara Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping in Santa Barbara county can be a pain. Whether you’re looking for a family owned organic shop to a wholesale company, Santa Barbara has it all. The point of this blog post is to tell you about my grocery shopping experiences and what stores I recommend for different products.

If you are looking for small family businesses with fresh fruits and vegetables: Fairview Gardens, Lane Farms, and Farmers Market. Fairview Gardens is a twelve and a half acre community farm that produces a huge variety of fruits and vegetables. The link for more information is provided here: . Lane Farms has been a local farming family since 1868 and their produce stand has been operating since 1939. They specialize in home grown, pesticide free, and organic products. the link to their website is here:  . Farmer’s Market’s are  all over Santa Barbara county and they have everything you’re looking for under the category of fresh and organic goods and products. For times, places and dates for Farmers markets in Santa Barbara county click this link: . 

If you are looking for a grocery store that offers healthy varieties of food: Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s has a friendly staff and a yummy selection of foods. They have a lot of options but dont go there if youre looking for something with trans fat- They dont carry anything that has particularly unhealthy ingredients! I recommend their chopped salads and great dessert options! Whole Food’s are common stores found through California, and of course Santa Barbara has one! Whole food’s has a lot of varieties of different products, and they are all healthy! If you go to a whole food’s dont forget to check out their pre-made food bar, its one of the most delicious foods any store could offer, plus you deserve some of it if you survived the parking lot outside.

If you are looking for Grocery stores that have EVERYTHING and wholesale stores: Von’s, Albertsons, and Ralph’s are the most well known supermarkets in Santa Barbara. They have products from A-Z and they are at a good price as well. Costco is the only wholesale store in Santa Barbara county and its fantastic! (If you go between 12-4 they have free samples!) Everything there is jumbo sized and its recommended to go out there if you have a big family or like to share a lot.

While creating a business plan it is super important to know who you’re working with- and why not make a handy grocery shopping guide while doing so!


For my inspirational blog I chose Charlotte Broadbent’s blog Road to Making It. I thought it was inspiring because it gives advice on life, love, and yourself. She writes about “What to Do When Life Hands you Lemons” and “10 Ways to get the Most Out of March”. She makes the blog personal by how she describes herself, and gives a thorough description of herself and how she got to do what she does now. Charlotte Broadbent also provides video tabs, a tab titled “about” which describes herself, and a contact tab. 

“Road To Making It” is very easy to manuever around. It has a simple layout, and the page is not overwhelmed with pictures, writing, etc. Broadbent’s blog posts are easy to find, their titles are prominent and all you have to do is click on the title to get to the full post. The tabs that are in the top right corner are easy to read, and very self- explanatory. I highly recommend checking out this blog because it has good advice on a spectrum of topics!